Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bobcats vs. Celtics Game

Craig and I went to the Bobcats/Celtics game last Monday... Decided to cheer for Ray Allen (because he is from the Sumter area) and the entire Bobcats team (because they are the closest team to us).. I know, confusing.  Anyway, the Bobcats won.  Michael Jordan was there along with Spurrier.  We laughed at number 21 on the Bobcats the ENTIRE second half... Let's just say, we could not figure out why he was even on an NBA team, let alone actually playing.  I should get Craig a number 21 shirt for his bday! haha...  I forgot to mention, during the second half if a Celtic player missed two free throws in a row, everyone in the arena would get a free pizza.  After they announced that, everyone was screaming for them to miss.  The guy behind us was yelling "free pizzaaaaa!" hahaha.. but of course it never happened.  Too bad.

This would be Najera... number 21... hahaha

Craig and I at the game.

The dunk show during halftime.

Michael Jordan

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I REALLYYY Want... My Birthday is Coming Up Soon... :)

click here to see the external flash I want...

I also want a Momo-made shootsac since the real ones are $200.

Hint Hint...