Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Birthday

For my birthday, Craig (aka I got myself) the external flash that I wanted!!  I also got a wireless transmitter so that the flash does not have to be on the camera to work... Here are some pictures I took.

I also got a Momo-made Shootsac!!!  Shootsacs are around $200.. Momo made me one that looks almost exactly like it for A LOT cheaper!  Here are some pics of it...
She also made three different covers for it.. If you want a bag like this, let me know!  I wanted one to easily carry my lenses, flash, etc. instead of having to carry my huge camera bag everywhere.. but you can use this bag for pretty much anything.  You can pick any fabric you want for the covers.  It is also made of neoprene so it's waterproof.

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