Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kennedy and Kayleigh's Baby Shower

Today, Ashley, Kim, and myself hosted a baby shower for Kennedy and Kayleigh.  We had been planning it for at least two months.  We were constantly buying decorations, presents, talking about different food to have, etc.  Well the day finally came, and I think it went really well.  Everyone loved the decorations and the food.  We had cheese dip, cheesy pull aparts (biscuits with melted cheese cubes inside), vegetables, fruit, pinwheels, mini hotdogs, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, and a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pink marshmallows and angel food cake.  Not to mention a bunch of Tastefully Simple cookies and brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate molds!
After everyone ate, we played a couple of games.  The first game, everyone had to take as much toilet paper that they thought would wrap around Kennedy's stomach without having too much or too little.  The second game was the dirty diaper game.  We melted four different types of candy bars into different diapers, and everyone had to write down their candy bar guesses for each diaper.  One person got all four right.  For both games, the winners got candles that looked like chocolate. 

After the games, Kennedy opened all of the presents.  She got A LOT of presents.  I gave her a dress, hair band, baby beanie hats, baby body wash, block letters to put in her room, and some pictures I had taken of her and Drew.

Kim gave her a diaper cake with many daily use baby supplies built into it.
Ashley gave her a monogrammed diaper bag with many other things inside.  She also gave her a piggy bank so that she could start saving for college... haha

We had some leftover diapers, so we had everyone write a message on them so that when Kennedy and Drew are changing them, they will have something funny to read... here are a few of them..

Overall, everything went great!  It was a lot of planning, cooking, decorating, but it was fun and well worth it!  I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves!  Us at the end of the day... :)

yeah, it was windy...

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