Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking Down #1 Teams Like It's Our Job... USC vs. Vandy Baseball Game

Today, Craig and I went to the USC vs. Vanderbilt baseball game.  They were ranked #1, and we were #3.  South Carolina won Friday night and lost Saturday, so we were hoping they would pull out the win on Sunday to win the series.  So far this year, Craig and I have seen three #1 teams play.  We saw Carolina beat Alabama in football, Auburn kill South Carolina in the SEC championship game :( (stupid Tigers or War Eagle, whatever you are!), and of course, we saw South Carolina beat Vanderbilt in baseball.  We are 2-1 for games where we have seen South Carolina play a #1 team this year.  Anyway, the game was fun, we won, and I got a little sunburnt.. :)

When we got home, the game was re-playing on ESPNU, so we watched the first part to see if we happened to see ourselves.... One of the first plays of the game, they zoomed on our section because the ball was hit our way, and you can see Craig standing with his white backwards hat and red shirt...

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