Saturday, January 7, 2012

Being Crafty

So like everyone else, last year I got hooked on Pintrest.  I actually made a lot of Christmas presents and Christmas decorations from ideas I got from there.  I made picture canvases, coasters, a flower pot, a door wreath, a Christmas card holder, wine glasses with chalkboard paint on the bottom, etc.  I have also started crocheting hats with a loom (because it is a lot easier than crocheting without a loom).  I have never been very crafty or been very good at crafts, but it is very fun and hopefully I can stay this crafty! LOL!  Here are some of the presents, decorations, and even food that I made over Christmas:
The pretzels are Santa hat pretzels, and the "T" is a door wreath.  I need to make a garnet and black "T" to stay on the door all year! :)  I don't have a picture of the coasters or wine glasses, but I think they turned out pretty good.

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