Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank You Pintrest... Homemade Calzone!

So, I got this idea from Pintrest.  All you need is pizza dough, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and whatever toppings you'd like.  First, you roll out the pizza dough into a big rectangle.  Next, you put the pizza sauce and the toppings, along with the cheese, in the middle of the dough.  You have to leave room on the sides to make cuts so that you can wrap the pieces over the top...

After you wrap the cut pieces (starting from one side and working your way to the other), then cook the calzone for the recommended time on the pizza dough package.  If you'd like, melt butter, brush the butter over the top, and sprinkle some garlic salt over it.  That's what we did, and we thought it was good!  This is what ours looked like after it came out of the oven.

This was the first time we made it, but we will definitely make it again.  Also, we prepared the calzone on tin foil sprayed with non-stick spray, and then we just lifted the tin foil and put it on a baking sheet to cook.  If you try to make the calzone and then pick it up to put it on tin foil or the baking sheet, it will rip because it is so large and can be heavy.  To take it off of the baking sheet after it cooked, we just picked it up with a couple of spatulas and put it on the cutting board.  Thanks Pintrest! :)

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