Monday, February 27, 2012

LBT Has A Name......

Kadynn Anne Taylor

Craig and I finally figured out a name for LBT!  It took a while and a lot of changing our minds, but I am pretty sure this one is staying.  At first, our two favorite names were Kinley (that was my favorite) and Bailee (Craig's favorite).  Even though I still liked the name Kinley, Craig changed his mind, and he said Braedyn was his favorite.  Well we know a few Braedyns, Braydons, etc., and we had talked about definitely wanting a unique name... something that we have never heard.  So, after Craig told me his favorite was Braedyn, we both started looking at different baby name websites.  I came across the name "Kaedyn" and I thought that it was a good mix between Kinley and Braedyn.  I mentioned it to Craig, we did some research on the popularity of that name, and then we came up with different spellings.  We thought about Kaydon, Kaedyn, Kaydyn, Caydon, Caedyn, etc.... and we finally agreed that we both liked Kadynn!  Like I said, we have never heard or knew of anyone else with this name (until we mentioned it to a few people and learned that some of our friend's cousins are named that but with a different spelling lol).  Anyway, that is LBT's name.. even though sometimes Craig can't remember it ;) hahaha... hopefully he is kidding... lol