Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kadynn's Nursery

We finally finished the nursery a few days ago!  We went to the doctor last week and found out that I am 3 or 4 cm dilated.  After we heard that, we felt like we HAD to get the nursery done pretty soon.  You can stay dilated for weeks before going into labor, but I guess we didn't think I would be dilated that soon.  So, we came home and started working on the nursery again, and we continued to work on it every night until we finished.  Here are some before and after pictures... I think it turned out great! 
how the nursery started...

stripes added


Craig made the pink painting in the top right at Wine and Canvas in Indianapolis.

Craig's old dresser that was black.  Craig sanded it down, and we both painted it.  I also made the lamp shade on top of the dresser.

the bow holder I made
My mom and dad came in one Saturday, and dad helped Craig put the chair rail up and they both painted since I really couldn't.  My mom re-did an old glider, and momo re-covered it.  I made the bow holder, the lamp shade, and the letters above the crib.  We also have a lot of blankets we will be using in that crib!  Craig's mom made us a really nice blanket that will be used a lot!  Also, momo made another blanket that we are going to use in the pack-n-play. 
*Possibly 3 and a half weeks left! :)*