Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kadynn's Arrival!

Kadynn's original due date was May 7th.  Well, the first time I got checked to see if I was dilated was at week 35.  I was actually 3-4 cm and 80% effaced.  So every week after that, we were hoping that I had progressed (us and my doctor definitely thought I would not make it to my due date).  Unfortunately I never did.  Every week we would go to the doctor, and I was still 3-4 cm and 80% effaced.  So, at week 38 after not progressing, we decided that I would be induced at week 39.  So, on April 30th, Craig and I got up at 3:15, got ready, and headed to the hospital so that we could be there at 5:00AM.  As soon as we got there, we got into the room, and soon after they started me on pitocin.  I am not sure whether the pitocin helped me progress at all, but as soon as they broke my water, I started having contractions.  Shortly after breaking my water, I got an epidural (which I was terrified to get.. just thinking about having a huge needle in my back), but I am soooooo glad that I did.  I was having contractions about every 2 minutes, if that... but thankfully I did not feel them... in fact, my legs were so numb, at one point they fell off the bed, and I had to get the nurses to pick them up for me because I could not move them at all lol! Finally, I had progressed to 5-6 cm.  Very shortly after that, I was 9.5 cm.  I started pushing around 5:00PM.  The nurses thought it was going to be a quick delivery because her head was so low.  However, Kadynn did not want to come out.  Two hours later (after Craig thought it might turn into an emergency C-section (thankfully it didn't)), Kadynn was born at 7:04PM!  I am so glad we decided that I would be induced because she was definitely not coming on her own!  Apparently, she is a little stubborn.. wonder who she gets that from... not me ;)  Anyway, she is finally here, and we are still adjusting to everything.  I think it is getting better and better everyday!  Right now, she is still in her eat, go to sleep, wake up, eat again, go back to sleep phase.  The main time she has cried is when I was trying to get pictures of her... apparently she is not going to be a big picture person haha!  I think she is a good mix between Craig and myself.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of her!
first picture I took in the hospital

leaving the hospital
Kadynn's first outing... at target

 two weeks old!

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