Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our New Closet

So, before Kadynn was born, we had a list of stuff we wanted to finish (well mainly I had a list of stuff I wanted to finish lol).  One thing was to update our closet so that both mine and Craig's clothes could fit in it lol.  Before Craig re-did it, we had one hanging shelf and that's it.  Craig and I went to Ikea and got two huge shelving units, and he moved the hanging shelf up and added another hanger.  So, now we have massive shelves and two different places to hang clothes.  Craig got to move all of his clothes out of our small closet and back into the big closet with all of my clothes haha.  Now the small closet has all my craft stuff and all of our blankets and sheets.  Yay for an updated closet! :)


first shelving unit

second shelving unit

the hanging shelf moved up

finished closet!

finished closet!

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