Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Latest..

I haven't had a ton of time recently to make a lot of stuff.  I actually made these things a couple of months ago but have not put it on the blog yet.  The first is a headband and hair clip holder!  I will actually be selling these on my ETSY site within the week!!!  My site can be found here Kadynn's Korner on ETSY!  When these go on my site, you will be able to customize your order with colors, and I will match up ribbon that matches the colors that were painted.  I can also paint stripes or polka dots!  This has definitely come in handy with all of Kadynn's headbands! lol

I also made a shadow box with Kadynn's going home hat.  This is something you could do with pretty much anything... baby shoes, hats, mittens, etc.  All I did was cover the back of the shadow box with leftover fabric, print out the label with Kadynn's name, birthdate, weight, and height, and glued all of it into the shadow box... pretty easy!

I also made this picture plaque.  All I did was buy a wooden plaque from michaels, painted it black, then painted it red, and lastly I sanded it to give it a distressed look.  After the paint dried, I mod podged the picture onto it (I also went over the picture with mod podge), and that was it!

Also remember to "like" Kadynn's Korner on Facebook because I constantly post discount codes to my ETSY store.  I am also giving away a tutu and free headband when you like my page and share the picture of the tutu.  You are automatically entered to win it once you share the picture.  Once the page gets 100 likes, I will give the tutu and headband away! :)  I will also be posting new items within the next week or two.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kadynn~ Month 3 and 4

We took Kadynn the other day to her four month checkup (even though she is almost four and half months).  Everything looked great, and we got to start her on rice cereal this morning.  She definitely didn't know what to do with it at first, but she already knew what the spoon meant lol!  Next week we are going to start her on veggies!  She is laughing out loud, definitely trying to talk, and very close to rolling over!  She gets all the way on her side, doesn't know what to do, and then just rolls back onto her back.  At her checkup, she was 16 pounds 2 ounces (76th percentile) and 26.5 inches tall (96th percentile). 

not sure about the rice cereal haha

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Like" Kadynn's Korner on Facebook to Win a FREE tutu!!

Win a FREE tutu by "LIKING" Kadynn's Korner on Facebook, COMMENT under the picture of the tutu with the size you would like to win, and SHARE the picture to be entered to win a FREE tutu and matching headband!

Kadynn's Korner!!!

So, I decided to open an online store!!  I wanted to open one because I enjoy looking for, buying, and making things for Kadynn, so I figured it would be perfect!  My store is on ETSY at Kadynn's Korner on ETSY.  Right now, I have some headbands, diaper covers, and hats.  In a few weeks, I will have bow and headband holders, more hats, tutus, and more!  Here are some of the items I have for sale...

First birthday diaper cover

Halloween diaper cover

Right now, if you "LIKE" Kadynn's Korner on facebook, COMMENT under the picture of the tutu with the size you would like to win, and then SHARE the are then entered to win a FREE tutu with a matching headband!!