Monday, October 8, 2012

Kadynn- Month 5!

Kadynn is now five months old!  She has really developed a little personality these past few weeks!  She has had carrots, sweet potatos, and peas.  I think her favorite is peas....weird I know!  She loves trying to feed herself, and she actually does better at eating baby food when she does feed herself lol.  She is still rolling from back to front, and she LOVES dogs!  She loves looking at, petting, and laughing at the dogs!  And the dogs are really good with her, especially Miley.  Miley has let her pull her hair before, and it didn't bother her haha.  On a side note, Kadynn has had a blowout a day recently, and one of the dogs ate a dirty wipe the other day.....don't ask me how that digests.... because I was wondering the same thing!  We also got her a jumperoo, and she loves it!  She loves bouncing herself, playing with all of the little toys, listening to the music, and looking at the lights.  The only bad thing is I think she is teething... because she actually started waking up once or twice a night now...and she hasn't done that since she was a newborn :(.  Anyway, I pray that she gets back to sleeping through the night again!  This momma needs a full, un-interrupted night of sleep!

First night Kadynn fed herself...couldn't find the mouth! lol

Getting better!!
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