Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kadynn Catch-Up

Sooo the last time I posted about Kadynn, she was 5 months old...She is now 8 months old!  I don't have the picture for month 8 yet, but here are the pictures for months 6 and 7.
Kadynn has 2 teeth, gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth (she isn't crawling yet, but she has been extremely close for almost 2 months).  Also, she may not crawl because her daddy didn't! lol.  She just rolls to wherever she wants to go.  She loves walking/running in her walker.  She is actually really good at manuevering her little car.  She can go forward, back up, go sideways, etc.  I think she just started teething again the other day :(.  She LOVES to eat!  If you don't feed her fast enough she will yell at you..sounds familiar lol.  She definitely has a little personality!

Christmas has come and gone. :(  It was fun, and I wish it hadn't gone so fast!  In fact, as I am writing this it is almost 2013...  Here are some of my favorite pictures from Kadynn's Christmas shoot and during Christmas Eve and Christmas day!

PS.  It is now 2013!  I actually began this post in 2012 and finished in 2013...weird!  I can't believe I stayed up this late! HA

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