Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Healthy Recipes!

Craig and I are still trying out new, healthier recipes.  These next three recipes came from  It is an AWESOME website that has a lot of "clean eating" or healthy recipes.  I LOVE this site!  Yes, eating healthy does require a lot of ingredients (and some of the ingredients can be expensive), but at this point, I would rather pay more to eat healthy and feel better about myself.  For the most part, I made each of these step by step from the site...however, I did change a few things.  Instead of typing the entire instructions, I will just provide the link to where I found the original recipe.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole - The only thing I changed about this is I used unsweetend vanilla almond milk instead of just plain unsweetened almond milk.  The next time I make this, I think I am going to try it with strawberries!

Baked Italian Ziti -With this meal, I used ground beef instead of ground turkey (I am just not a fan of ground turkey :(  I also used gluten free pasta instead of whole wheat pasta, and I did not add in the honey.  I wanted my daughter to be able to eat it, and babies aren't supposed to have honey until 1 year...and it was great even without it! :)

Clean Eating Brownies - For this one, I did not make the topping..I just made the brownies and they are good!  I used unsweetened chocolate chips instead of the grain sweetened chocolate chips.  Also, if you have never bought almond butter, it is good but very expensive!  So we used a 12 oz jar of almond butter then added in a little natural peanut butter (instead of buying a 16 oz jar of almond butter which is ridiculous!).  These brownies are so good with some natural peanut butter on the top or with sugar free caramel...or both :) haha

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