Friday, March 22, 2013

My 27th Birthday

On my birthday weekend, Craig, Noell, Mary, and I ran in the Get to the Green 5k in Five Points.  My goal was to run the entire time, which I know to many people it's not that big of a deal....well I can workout, lift weights, run short distances, sprints, yada yada yada, but running long distances was never something I was good at or liked.  BUT I did run the entire time, and in the process, got Craig wanting to do more 5ks.  So, we actually just signed up for the Moes Burrito Dash 5k.  You run 1.5 miles, stop to eat a burrito, then run the rest of the race....I might get sick haha.  I am also running in a glow in the dark 5k in May.  I did end up hurting my foot somehow...have no clue how I managed that boooooo.  Excuse the following pictures..I was sweating a lot! lol

We also went bowling that night after the race.  I bowed the best games I have ever bowled!  I started the first game with 5 strikes in the first 6 frames.  I ended that game with 188....yes, I kind of blew it after the 5 strikes.  I did get 2 more spares, but that is pretty much it :(  I was hoping to end over 200.

Monday was my actual birthday.  Kim and Luke sent me an edible arrangement to school.  CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!  They were amazing!  Yes, I couldn't wait to take a picture before I tried one lol.

Craig got me a polar watch, which is what I was asking for!  It tells how many calories I burn, heart rate, how long I was in my target heart rate zone, when I get out of my target heart rate zone, etc. when working out.  It is really awesome!

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