Saturday, March 2, 2013

Valentine's Pictures~DIY Kissing Booth

With it being Valentine's Day this month along with Kadynn being 9 months old, I decided to combine her 9 month pictures with her Valentine's pictures.  I think they turned out so cute!  I know this is too late to do for this Valentine's Day, but here is a DIY for the kissing booth.  I literally spent $2 making the kissing booth.  I already had the paint and the white pvc pipe that held it up, or it would have been a little more expensive.  All I did was buy a white piece of foam board for $1 at dollar general for the base and $1 piece of poster board at dollar general for the top.  I painted both, and when they were dry, I attached them with a little bit of hot glue to the pvc pipes (I use the pvc pipe stands as backdrop holders for pictures, which is why I already had them).  However, you could probably use anything to hold up the boards...wood, broom sticks, etc.  Anyway, here are my favorites!

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