Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kadynn's First Birthday

On Kadynn's actual birthday she actually had her 1 year checkup where she had her toe pricked twice (because she's anemic), and she had 2 shots.  Then we went to lunch at Moe's and went to the zoo.  She LOVES the zoo, especially when the animals are active.  Since it was a week day, there was barely anyone at the zoo, and it wasn't hot at all!  It was definitely the best trip to the zoo that I have ever had.  She got to see all the animals, ride the carousel, ride the train, and she ate an entire icecream cone...needless to say she LOVED it all!  Grandmamma and Noell also came, and grandmamma got her 2 stuffed animals and a cup from the zoo....she's spoiled.

I am pretty sure this was her favorite thing..as you can tell by the huge smile on her face.

The zoo tired her out!

A week after her birthday we had her birthday party.  We had it at our house, and I started planning it four months beforehand lol.  Of course, we decided a monkey theme because she loves monkeys (but lately I have come to find she likes bananas more than monkeys...and bananas might be the main reason she likes monkeys to begin with...she could eat a "nana" at every meal if we let her).  We decorated inside and outside, and some family and friends came over before the party to help with the food and decorations (thank goodness they did!)!  Craig made an awesome table with 2 coolers in the middle.  He had seen the design a month or so before, but he thought it would be perfect to use at her party, so he built it.  We had hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, macaroni salad, cake, cupcakes, a banana split table, and snickers/apple/whip cream dessert.  I think everything turned out great!  It did rain everyday leading up to her party, so I was getting kind of worried.  However, the rain held out until her party was almost over, which was great.  We ended up getting Kadynn a bounce house and car.  We also got her a bubble machine to use at the party, and all the kids loved it.  She didn't really know what to do with the bounce house, so she just kind of sat there...but when we got it out again a few days ago, she loved it.  She was going up and down the slide by herself and crawling all around it.  She got tons of cute clothes, books, and bathing suits and a TON of other stuff from everyone.  Overall, I think it was a lot of fun.  It can definitely be a little stressful hosting a party and trying to get everything together, but in the end, I think it is worth it because then you can decorate, cook, etc. and have everything the way you want it.  Yes, it's a lot more work, but at the same time, I think it's fun planning that kind of stuff.
dessert table

Craig's awesome table with coolers that he made!

The cake Karen made!

month by month picture banner

Kim came all the way here from Colorado!!

She wanted to give kisses!

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