Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 24 Day Challenge~ Get Summer Ready and Win Money/Prizes!

I recently posted about why my husband and I signed up to "sell" Advocare and what we use on a regular basis.  I wanted to go ahead and post about the 24 day challenge since summer is coming and it is one of Advocare's most popular item(s)!  Everyone that I know that has done the 24 day challenge has lost anywhere between 10-30 pounds and several inches off their waist and other areas in 24 days.  Obviously that number is going to depend on how strictly you follow the plan and what your starting weight is to begin with.  If you are already near your goal weight, this program will help you lose the weight that you want to lose and help tone and introduce you to a healthier lifestyle.  Here are a few things about the 24 day challenge:
The challenge comes with~
1. Herbal Cleanse in citrus flavor
2. Omegaplex
3. 2 boxes of Spark in fruit punch and mandarin orange flavors
4. 1 box of meal replacement shakes in your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or berry
5. 1 box of your choice of MNS Max 3, C, or E
So now that you know what it comes with, let me explain some of it to you.  The herbal cleanse is great, however, the citrus flavor fiber drink is BLEH!  A little hint~ you can order everything separately and pick your own flavor of fiber drink and spark (I love the fruit punch, watermelon, and the mango strawberry) and it will come out to the same price separately if you were to order the 24 day challenge all together... or if you do order it all together and get the citrus flavor fiber drink, you can mix it in applesauce because it literally has the consistency of apple sauce.  I have never had the peaches n'cream fiber drink, but everyone says it is a TON better.
Omegaplex is a dietary supplement.
Spark is awesome!  I drink 1 or 2 sparks a day!  It is so much better for you than regular energy drinks and sodas.  I highly recommend trying spark if you normally hit a wall during the day.  It will definitely get you past that without heart flutters and jitters like other energy drinks.
The meal replacement shakes are good too!  The flavors are actually made by Haagen Dazs, so you know they are good, and they are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals.
There are 3 MNS packs to choose from.  The MNS Max C helps with appetite control, MNS Max E helps with metabolism and helps sustain energy, and the MNS Max 3 helps with appetite control and weight management. 
Now that you may understand a little more about the 24 day challenge, there is going to be a
March Contest
to see who loses the most weight, inches, makes the biggest transformation, etc.  If I have at least 6 people order the challenge through our site ( before March 5th, then we will give away 3 PRIZES. 
First place: $50 or $80 in Advocare products (your choice and it cannot exceed $80 in product).
Second place: $30 or a canister of Spark
Third place: $20 or a box of Spark pouches
Requirements: Once you order from our site, I will receive an email with your email address.  I will send you an initial email and then you must email me your front, sides, and back pictures holding a piece of paper that says the date (March 5) and your current weight.  At the end of the challenge, you will email your ending pictures while holding a piece of paper with the ending date and final weight and three winners will be chosen.  You do not have to show your face in the pictures if you are uncomfortable with that.  I will never display before and after pictures if you are not comfortable with it.  You must order the challenge by March 1st to receive it in time.  The challenge will begin on March 5th and end after 24 days.  Send before pictures by the 10th, and the final pictures must be received the day after the challenge ends.  Remember- at least 6 people must order the challenge from me to receive prizes.  I will also send you emails throughout the challenge with meal ideas and tips to help you along the way.  This is a great way to jump start losing weight and to get bikini ready for summer!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days

Living in SC means we rarely get snow.  The first year or so Craig and I were married we got a big snow storm, and Craig had to shovel our driveway with the shovel we use to scoop dog poo hahaha.  We have been married for almost 5 years now.  So, the following Thanksgiving, he bought a snow shovel while we were in Ohio.  Three years went by before SC got snow again lol (of course)...Well we just finished up our 4th snow day in 2 weeks, which is crazy for SC.  We had a snow day 2 weeks ago, and we are going on our 3rd for this week.  The first snow day was all snow.  This week it was a lot of snow, then sleet, then a little freezing rain, then more snow.  It was a huge deal for all of SC because over 300,000 people lost power and a lot still have no power.  We were extremely lucky to be on the line of people getting snow and sleet the first day, which is why I think our area wasn't impacted so much with power outages.  While us and everyone north of us were getting snow, everyone below us was getting sleet first.  Anyway, I am extremely thankful we did not lose power because we would be freezing and bored!
and this was before even more snow



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Healthy Treats and Food

I said in my previous post that I was going to try to post more recipes, workouts, etc.  Here are some things I made a while ago.  They are healthy and amazing!
~1 cup vanilla soy milk
~handful of ice
~1 scoop vanilla protein powder
~1-2 tbsp of vanilla greek yogurt (or cottage cheese)
~1/2 cup strawberries (I used the frozen kind)
~1 tbsp (or a little less for less of a cheesecake flavor) of sugar free fat free jello cheesecake dry mix
Blend all ingredients together in a blender!
~2/3 cup vanilla soy milk
~1 scoop vanilla protein powder
~1/4 avocado
~2-3 tbsp natural peanut butter
~1/4 cup spinach
~1-2 teaspoons splenda
~1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
~handful of ice
Blend all ingredients together in a blender!
~pulled rotisserie chicken (however much you want~ some people like more, some like less)
~1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
~1/3 cup cut up grapes (green or purple)
~1/3 cup cut up apples
~1/4 cup slivered almonds
~Mix all ingredients together!  I also added some cheese and honey mustard in the pita for more flavor.  I have eaten this in a wrap and pita and both are good!
I LOVE poptarts, but they are absolutely awful for you.  This is a great substitute for poptarts..No, it doesn't taste exactly like a poptart, but I think they are amazing.
~whole wheat tortilla
~1 tbsp cottage cheese
~1 tbsp vanilla soy milk
~1/4 to 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
~1 tbsp sugar free strawberry jam
~1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
~Mix the filling ingredients together, put in the middle of a whole wheat tortilla, fold all four sides, then put it in a sandwich maker (I use a griddle). 
~Grill until brown on both sides. 
~Mix the topping ingredients together, then put it on the poptart.
~2 tbsp wheat flour
~2 tbsp vanilla soy milk
~1 tbsp vanilla whey protein powder
~2 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
~1 tsp sugar free maple syrup
~1/4 tsp coconut extract
~1/4 tsp baking powder
~a little bit of splenda
~strawberry yogurt (can use greek yogurt mixed with strawberry protein powder)
~Preheat oven to 325.
~Mix the batter ingredients in a bowl.
~Place in donut tin and bake for 20 minutes.
~Mix frosting ingredients together and spoon on top.
*Some of these recipes came from the Ebook "Healthy Sweets and Protein Treats" by Miss K.  I adjusted the recipes to fit what I already had.*

Friday, February 7, 2014


Craig and I signed up to become a distributor of Advocare.  We actually didn't sign up to start selling it...we initially signed up because I wanted to try their energy products (spark and slam), and Craig wanted to try some of their pre-workout stuff.  All we have every heard is good things about Advocare so we thought "why not."  We signed up for $79 and got a pack of spark and slam when we signed we got $50 back in product.  Then when you sign up, you get 20% off all products you purchase, which is awesome!  You can eventually get 40% off all products, which would be amazing!  Anyway, I wanted to post about this because since we have started using Advocare, we have noticed a difference.  I have more energy, and Craig has been lifting like crazy and loving his pre-workout supplements.  So since we tried it and loved it~ we decided to start actually selling it.  If you are interested in having more energy, losing weight, pre or post workout supplements, or any health or wellness product, please feel free to send me an email or comment below.  For example, everyone I know that has done the 24 day challenge has lost anywhere between 10-30 pounds.  However, there are MULTIPLE products to choose from, so I am more than happy to help pick what is right for you and your needs.  From here on out, I want to try to post more fitness related recipes, workouts, etc.  So if that is something you are interested in or want to get involved with, follow me and check back frequently! :)

5ks and a 12k..... :/

I enjoy running in different races.  The last time I blogged about a 5k was the Get to the Green 5k.  Since then, I have completed two more 5ks and one 12k....ugh.  I ran in the Moes Burrito Dash with Craig and Dustin and the Glow Run with Noell.  I didn't train at all for the 12k and somehow managed to run the entire thing without stopping in a little over an hour!  I was very proud of myself.
Glow Run 5k
Ray Tanner 12k

I am signed up to run in the Moes Burrito Dash again this year, and I have already signed up for the Quarry Crusher run.



Halloween 2013

So after I posted pictures from Christmas, I realized I never posted about Kadynn's first time trick or treating!  She dressed up as an aerobics instructor and all of the adults loved it!  Plus, it was a completely FREE costume!  She used a white onesie and tights we already owned, and I cut up socks for her arm and leg warmers.  I then drew a boombox picture on a cardboard box and attached a ribbon so she could carry it as her candy "bag."  She was adorable, and I love the fact we didn't have to pay anything!



Oops.. Christmas 2013 (better late than never)

Yeah, so I mentioned how bad I have been at blogging....I am going to try to get better, but here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas.  We always spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family and Christmas morning with my parents and brother.  Then after Christmas we spend time with Craig's side of the family.  This year we went up to NH after Christmas so Kadynn got to see and play in some snow!
Kadynn did not like Santa at the zoo lol

annual lights at the zoo trip

tubing in NH

Here are some pictures I took of Kadynn for our Christmas card, and the last 2 pictures are a couple that Dustin took for us.

one of my favorite pictures!




More DIY Ideas

I actually made these coasters a while ago.  A friend gave me the idea, and I wanted to do it before Kadynn's hands and feet got too big.  I went to Home Depot and found these tiles.  They were FREE because they were sample tiles, so I grabbed 3 of them.  I painted Kadynn's hand and foot pink and pressed them down on the tiles.  I let it dry then I wrote "2013" on it with pink paint pen so I could remember the year.  Once everything dried, I used a foam brush to put this epoxy nasty smelling stuff on the top of the coaster to protect it when it got wet from cups (I got the epoxy from Home Depot).  You could probably just use mod podge to coat it.  I also got a felt sheet that has the sticky stuff on it to put on the bottom of the coaster so it wouldn't slide too much or scratch up the coffee tables.  Sorry about my vague felt description.  If you ever do not know what I am talking about, just leave a comment, and I will either answer your question in a blog post or answer back in the comments! :)

This next craft I actually found on Pintrest, but I did NOT like the instructions that were give.  I ended up pinching my finger with a hammer! lol.  Anyway, I had left over mason jars from Kadynn's first birthday party.  I put the lid on the mason jar, and Craig used a big drill bit (around the size of the soap pump) to drill a hole in the top.  The drill bit wasn't exactly the size of the pump, so he just moved the drill around a little to make the hole bigger.  The soap pump was one from a soap dispenser we no longer used.  You could easily buy a $1 soap dispenser from dollar general just to use the pump.  I then put the pump in the hole and trimmed the plastic thing so it wouldn't hit the bottom of the mason jar.  I used hot glue to glue the pump down to the mason jar top just to make sure it wouldn't move, and then I also put hot glue around the few sharp edges on the inside of the mason jar just so I wouldn't accidently cut myself when re-filling it with soap.  The black sticker is actually a chalkboard sticker that I used for Kadynn's party on the mason jars so people could put their name on the drink.  I think it doesn't look bad so I just left it on there.