Friday, February 7, 2014


Craig and I signed up to become a distributor of Advocare.  We actually didn't sign up to start selling it...we initially signed up because I wanted to try their energy products (spark and slam), and Craig wanted to try some of their pre-workout stuff.  All we have every heard is good things about Advocare so we thought "why not."  We signed up for $79 and got a pack of spark and slam when we signed we got $50 back in product.  Then when you sign up, you get 20% off all products you purchase, which is awesome!  You can eventually get 40% off all products, which would be amazing!  Anyway, I wanted to post about this because since we have started using Advocare, we have noticed a difference.  I have more energy, and Craig has been lifting like crazy and loving his pre-workout supplements.  So since we tried it and loved it~ we decided to start actually selling it.  If you are interested in having more energy, losing weight, pre or post workout supplements, or any health or wellness product, please feel free to send me an email or comment below.  For example, everyone I know that has done the 24 day challenge has lost anywhere between 10-30 pounds.  However, there are MULTIPLE products to choose from, so I am more than happy to help pick what is right for you and your needs.  From here on out, I want to try to post more fitness related recipes, workouts, etc.  So if that is something you are interested in or want to get involved with, follow me and check back frequently! :)

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