Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blogging Catch-Up

I have been extremely bad about blogging lately...I don't even know when the last time was.  So I took some quick pictures of the most recent crafts and Christmas presents I made.

I love different door hangers.  Especially ones that are easy to make!  The seashell one was probably one of the more difficult ones to make.  I bought 2 $3 bags of shells while at the beach this past summer and hot glued them to the W.  Then I cut some burlap, hot glued it to the back, and made the bow.  I am a HUGE fan of hot glue...sue me.
For the second door hanger I traced out the chevron pattern, put painters tape on it, and painted it.  It bled through slightly so I had to do some touchups.  FYI anything with chevron is much easier using the chevron painters tape from Lowes!  I do not have it, but I should just invest in some since I paint chevron a lot.
For the third hanger, I painted the wooden board white and then I painted Kadynn's feet black and pressed them onto the board.  I then printed out the words I wanted it to say ("Trick-OR-Treat Smell My Feet") and taped down the printed words where I wanted them.  Then I traced over the writing with a pen making sure to press down just hard enough so that it would leave the words indented in the wood.  I then used sharpies to go over the indented words.  Lastly, I hot glued the ribbons to the back of the board.
The brag board is probably one of my favorites.  I bought the wooden board at Michaels and painted it with a few coats of black and then a couple coats of white (so that when I sanded it down I could see the black underneath and give it an antique look).  Then I printed out the words "Grandmamma and Grandaddy's Brag Board."  I taped the printed words onto the board and used a pen to trace the words so that it would leave indentations of the words on the wood.  I then took a sharpie and traced and colored in the words on the board which did take a while.  I found the little flowers at Michaels also and hot glued them on (of course).  Then I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the board and done!
This was a present for my cousin who is in her final semester of college to be a PE teacher.  I bought the clipboard at Walmart and the scrapbook paper from Michaels.  I used ribbon that I already had.  I then put the paper down on the clipboard and traced on the back of it so that I could cut it to match up with the clipboard.  I used mod podge on the back AND front of the scrapbook paper.  Putting it on the back glues it down with minimal bubbles (even though there's one right in the middle that drove me crazy), and putting mod podge on the front of the paper helps protect it incase it gets wet, etc.  I then glued ribbon where the 2 different pieces of paper meet and around the top where the clip is to cover up the imperfections of cutting the paper.  I finished it off with her first name initial.  I thought this was a cute gift for a female PE teacher.
Haha I LOVED making this one!  I bought the big piece of wood from Michaels.  I had to get it big enough to fit mine, Craig's and Kadynn's feet.  You could also buy wood at Lowes and cut it to make it whatever size you need.  I painted the wood white, let it dry, then painted out feet brown.  We placed our feet one by one on the wood, let it dry, then I drew the antlers with sharpie.  We got the fuzzy red noses and googly eyes from Michaels also.  The funniest part is I did not mean for Craig's reindeer eye to be just worked out that way lol.  When the hot glue dried on the back of the eye, the black part stuck where it was, and I did not realize it until I had already hot glued it down. Haha.  Then I bought little colored rhinestone things at Michaels and hot glued them all over the antlers to give it some color.  I think it turned out cute!  I also nailed a wall hanger on the back which you can get at Michaels also.
This was a present Kadynn and I made for my mom for her birthday.  I bought the frame at Michaels and used scrapbook paper for the background.  I used a white piece of scrapbook paper to put Kadynn's feet on, cut it into a heart shape, and then put a little mod podge on the back to glue it to the striped paper.  I then printed out the words "From the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes I LOVE YOU" and glued it to the paper.  I printed out a heart and used little pink rhinestones for the bottom left.  I also traced around the heart cut out to match the frame.
This was a Christmas present we made for my grandma.  I painted the flower pot white (which I got at Michaels).  Craig helped me paint Kadynn's feet three different colors with a foam brush.  We did one foot at a time and pressed it onto the flower pot.  I let it dry then I drew the butterfly body with a black paint pen.  I also wrote the year on it (which you can't see).  We did both sides of the flower pot just like this side.
This was actually pretty hard to make.  I bought this frame at Michaels.  It was just a plain wooden frame.  I painted it white then printed out the words I wanted it to say.  Since Craig's parents live far away, I thought this would be a nice Christmas present for them.  I taped the words down, traced over the words with a pen so that it would leave indentations on the wood, and then colored in the indentations with paint pen.  I think I used paint pen that is made for glass, but I like that kind better than a regular paint pen.  It took forever to trace all of the words!  But it was worth it because it turned out great!

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