Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 24 Day Challenge~ Get Summer Ready and Win Money/Prizes!

I recently posted about why my husband and I signed up to "sell" Advocare and what we use on a regular basis.  I wanted to go ahead and post about the 24 day challenge since summer is coming and it is one of Advocare's most popular item(s)!  Everyone that I know that has done the 24 day challenge has lost anywhere between 10-30 pounds and several inches off their waist and other areas in 24 days.  Obviously that number is going to depend on how strictly you follow the plan and what your starting weight is to begin with.  If you are already near your goal weight, this program will help you lose the weight that you want to lose and help tone and introduce you to a healthier lifestyle.  Here are a few things about the 24 day challenge:
The challenge comes with~
1. Herbal Cleanse in citrus flavor
2. Omegaplex
3. 2 boxes of Spark in fruit punch and mandarin orange flavors
4. 1 box of meal replacement shakes in your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or berry
5. 1 box of your choice of MNS Max 3, C, or E
So now that you know what it comes with, let me explain some of it to you.  The herbal cleanse is great, however, the citrus flavor fiber drink is BLEH!  A little hint~ you can order everything separately and pick your own flavor of fiber drink and spark (I love the fruit punch, watermelon, and the mango strawberry) and it will come out to the same price separately if you were to order the 24 day challenge all together... or if you do order it all together and get the citrus flavor fiber drink, you can mix it in applesauce because it literally has the consistency of apple sauce.  I have never had the peaches n'cream fiber drink, but everyone says it is a TON better.
Omegaplex is a dietary supplement.
Spark is awesome!  I drink 1 or 2 sparks a day!  It is so much better for you than regular energy drinks and sodas.  I highly recommend trying spark if you normally hit a wall during the day.  It will definitely get you past that without heart flutters and jitters like other energy drinks.
The meal replacement shakes are good too!  The flavors are actually made by Haagen Dazs, so you know they are good, and they are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals.
There are 3 MNS packs to choose from.  The MNS Max C helps with appetite control, MNS Max E helps with metabolism and helps sustain energy, and the MNS Max 3 helps with appetite control and weight management. 
Now that you may understand a little more about the 24 day challenge, there is going to be a
March Contest
to see who loses the most weight, inches, makes the biggest transformation, etc.  If I have at least 6 people order the challenge through our site ( before March 5th, then we will give away 3 PRIZES. 
First place: $50 or $80 in Advocare products (your choice and it cannot exceed $80 in product).
Second place: $30 or a canister of Spark
Third place: $20 or a box of Spark pouches
Requirements: Once you order from our site, I will receive an email with your email address.  I will send you an initial email and then you must email me your front, sides, and back pictures holding a piece of paper that says the date (March 5) and your current weight.  At the end of the challenge, you will email your ending pictures while holding a piece of paper with the ending date and final weight and three winners will be chosen.  You do not have to show your face in the pictures if you are uncomfortable with that.  I will never display before and after pictures if you are not comfortable with it.  You must order the challenge by March 1st to receive it in time.  The challenge will begin on March 5th and end after 24 days.  Send before pictures by the 10th, and the final pictures must be received the day after the challenge ends.  Remember- at least 6 people must order the challenge from me to receive prizes.  I will also send you emails throughout the challenge with meal ideas and tips to help you along the way.  This is a great way to jump start losing weight and to get bikini ready for summer!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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