Friday, February 7, 2014

More DIY Ideas

I actually made these coasters a while ago.  A friend gave me the idea, and I wanted to do it before Kadynn's hands and feet got too big.  I went to Home Depot and found these tiles.  They were FREE because they were sample tiles, so I grabbed 3 of them.  I painted Kadynn's hand and foot pink and pressed them down on the tiles.  I let it dry then I wrote "2013" on it with pink paint pen so I could remember the year.  Once everything dried, I used a foam brush to put this epoxy nasty smelling stuff on the top of the coaster to protect it when it got wet from cups (I got the epoxy from Home Depot).  You could probably just use mod podge to coat it.  I also got a felt sheet that has the sticky stuff on it to put on the bottom of the coaster so it wouldn't slide too much or scratch up the coffee tables.  Sorry about my vague felt description.  If you ever do not know what I am talking about, just leave a comment, and I will either answer your question in a blog post or answer back in the comments! :)

This next craft I actually found on Pintrest, but I did NOT like the instructions that were give.  I ended up pinching my finger with a hammer! lol.  Anyway, I had left over mason jars from Kadynn's first birthday party.  I put the lid on the mason jar, and Craig used a big drill bit (around the size of the soap pump) to drill a hole in the top.  The drill bit wasn't exactly the size of the pump, so he just moved the drill around a little to make the hole bigger.  The soap pump was one from a soap dispenser we no longer used.  You could easily buy a $1 soap dispenser from dollar general just to use the pump.  I then put the pump in the hole and trimmed the plastic thing so it wouldn't hit the bottom of the mason jar.  I used hot glue to glue the pump down to the mason jar top just to make sure it wouldn't move, and then I also put hot glue around the few sharp edges on the inside of the mason jar just so I wouldn't accidently cut myself when re-filling it with soap.  The black sticker is actually a chalkboard sticker that I used for Kadynn's party on the mason jars so people could put their name on the drink.  I think it doesn't look bad so I just left it on there.



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