Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kadynn's Elmo Second Birthday Party

We had Kadynn's 2nd birthday party at a bounce house place.  They had around 6 or 7 bounce houses in this big room.  For an hour and a half we had the entire room to ourselves, and then for the last 30 minutes we had a private room where we all ate pizza, cupcakes, cookies, funfetti dip, and a lot more.  All the kids had a great time.  It took Kadynn 45 minutes to warm up to being around a bunch of people because she is pretty shy around large groups.  After she warmed up, she enjoyed it.  We will definitely use them again for future birthday parties.  First are some of her second birthday shoot pictures I took.  When we decided to have an Elmo birthday party, she was actually going back and forth between Elmo and Mickey Mouse.....when her party came around, she was all about Minnie/Mickey Mouse, but she still enjoyed Elmo.

Everyone loved these fruit trays.  I made signs for each of the food just to add a little something to the decorations.  Craig's mom made the fruit dip from scratch, and it was very good.

 This funfetti dip is amazing with some teddy grahams, and it is not bad for you either.  I'll post the recipe in a future post...but it is very easy to make.

I randomly came up with this idea for all the adults.  Just buy red solo cups, a white, black, and orange paint pens, and then paint the elmo face on both sides of the cup.  Everyone loved them, and I actually came up with this idea rather than getting it from Pintrest lol :)

I actually bought these personalized cups with lids and straws on ETSY, which was perfect for all the little kids.

 I thought these favors would be great for all the kids.  I put bubbles, a bag of goldfish, playdough, and a pack of crayons in each one.  The personalized name Sesame Street signs are from a seller on ETSY.

My aunt made all the cookies and the elmo face cupcake cake.

I didn't get pictures of her opening her presents from everyone at the party because she started opening them too fast, but she got spoiled with everything she got.

If you would like to know any of the sellers I got the cups or personalized signs from on ETSY, just comment below, and I will look it up and let you know.

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